Tower defense game you have never played !
Use code '3000Likes' for 288 diamond+28000 Gold Coins! (Use it at the octopus selling takoyaki next to the door to the party mode)
📢New Code at 5000 Likes  :D
Update 4.8:
New Stage of StoryMode Have updated!
New Map of TeamMode Have updated!

4-1.New Team-Mode: You can team up with your friends to challenge the new team map!(Support 1-10 players for team)
4-2.GamePass And Premium will earn x1.5 Gold in  new Team-Mode

 How to play  Party Mode (Beach Party)
TIP:1-Eat energy balls around you 2-Upgrade towers 3-Cast hero's skill
Premium members get x1.5 gold in the Beach Party

Get acquainted with your heroes and put them in the most suitable position!
See the timing and release the ultimate!

*There is a tutorial for new players in the youtube channel


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