Once the game hits 200 up votes there will be an OP code!

 - 200Upvotes ($25,000 and 5000 XP)

In Among Sus you join a group of astronauts and try your best to make it out alive. In this murder mystery game designed for fast gameplay, you can become a crewmate and complete tasks or find the imposter. Or, you can become an imposter and take out the crew! Have fun on this Among Us styled game!

   'E' - Interact
   'Z' - Top-down view Enable/Disable

😈 The longer you are a crewmate, the higher chance to become the imposter (This doubles with the Double Imposter Chance gampass)
🗺️ Can't find a task? Click it!
💰 Collect cash by completing tasks or winning games! This cash can be used to buy hats or pets in the shop!
🔥 Make sure to support the game and leave a thumbs up! 👍👍
🤯 Find hidden codes around the map!!

Future Updates:
 - More maps
 - Game modes
 - Imposter Animations


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