v1.5 part 1 is out!!! added new models, perks, tasks, and a lot of other stuff!1!

Another Rake fan game... but Rake is a noob! The game is simple, survive nights for points and buy tools that will make survival easier. How many nights will you survive against this noob?

The Rake Noob Edition is a fan game of The Rake REMASTERED created by RVVZ.
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PC Controls:
Run - Left Shift
Listen Mode - Q
Zoom - X
Unlock mouse - Z

CloruMind - Game Co-owner
NoobMatthew3 - Game Creator
123Fernandoelpro139 - Scripter
SAnsRLT3 - Builder, Several images
thebluekill3rFR2 - Builder
DerrenCopernicus - Modeler (All nature related, streetlamps)


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