6th place winner of the 2020 holiday gamejam!

A mysterious figure is trying to ruin Christmas! They have sent their army of robots after Santa's present storage facilities and you and your elf friends need to stop him!

Load up with whatever weapons you can get and fight for your life, Christmas depends on you.

This is our entry for the 2020 Roblox Christmas Gamejam. This game is best played with friends (2+ players recommended, however it can be played solo if you are up for a challenge.)

Ver 1.0.1:
- Fixed all of the current issues, if this is against the gamejam rules I will revert to the original version. (Ref:
- Game is no longer impossible.

Our Team:
- Tom_atoes (Programming, UI Design, Voice Acting)
- Sir_Numb (Building, Modelling, UI Design)
- CringeEngineer (Design, Modelling, Animation)


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