Welcome to Attack on Titan: Project! 


The largest and most immersive serious roleplay Attack on Titan experience on Roblox! 

Your journey awaits you, you decide your own path! 
⚖️The Military Police, prestige and order? 
🛡️ The Garrison, defenders of the walls? 
🗡️The Scouting Legion, explorers beyond the walls?

⭐The choice is yours, will you lay your life for humanity? Get trained, and report to your commander! 

👉 Make sure you're in our main group! 
👉 Just joined? Join the Trainee Corps group to get trained!

🥷DISCLAIMER🥷 Attack on Titan is created by Hajime Isayama, all credits reserved. 

Contributions 🔨
TheAOTProject - Founder
Yuuki - Lead Programmer
Wxide - Programmer
Golden1480 - Programmer
RoGuruu - Programmer
Orange - Animator
Pikao - Animator
💾 Published by U:P

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