United States Military
Welcome to CUSA, we hope you enjoy our base that we have developed for you all! This game has taken time and effort, so we would deeply appreciate it if you would give a thumbs up, favorite, and share with your friends!

CUSA is one of many Military Roleplay groups on the ROBLOX platform. We offer you an outstanding community, helpful staff, divisions which you may qualify to join, community events, as well occasional giveaways! 👀 

Of course, being in a Military Roleplay group comes with its perks. Upon joining a division, you can assert your dominance and become the Chief or Director to lead your division to success!

We were officially founded by RenownHavoc on June 20th 2018. We hope to see you on Fort Tedder, and don't forget to join the group to be a part of the Military!

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