High Fantasy Medieval Group Game

A warm welcome to the Isle of Rhallon, home to the warrior-peoples who trace their ancestry to those who hunted dragons to extermination across the world, toppled kingdoms and empires across the seas, and arose from the ashes of extinction into a triumphant new age. Whether you roam the streets Sorrowtude, bask in the great hall of Duneshear, or are, sword in hand, ready to train alongside the natives at Islewood Sanctum, the cherished blend of historic splendor and ongoing prosperity will be made known to you with every step. The warriors of Rhallon gladly pledge their swords to the austere Emperor Domnithicus Drakvylde I, who's native isle Rhallon is the heart of his Drakvyldian Empire.

Do you have what it takes to go toe-to-toe against the renowned Rhallonic peoples? Or do you think yourself fit to serve in Domnithicus' legion? Come, face the warriors of Rhallon and find your answer!

Scripting - Sotherys
Building - TyberiusCorvus


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