New announcement: For the next little while the game won't be receiving updates. Why? Because I will be working on one big update for the game that may take a while. I've realized there are a lot of issues with the game that really need fixing so I will start fixing them. The update will fix hitboxes, bugs, and lag and will add a new map, new effects and 8-10 new stands. Please don't lose hope in the game, it will come back better than ever, I promise.

Rework preview (not actual game):
Group link:!/about

Current stands:
The World
The Hand
Sticky Fingers
Star Platinum: The World
Star Platinum
Silver Chariot
King Crimson

Q to summon
Click to punch
Right click to block (requires shift lock)
Z to parry
Other moves: e, r, t, y, f, g, h, x and c
(Many stands unfinished)


There are currently no running experiences.