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Disclaimer: The game is about a month into development so there "WILL"(heh) be bugs. Updates will happen often.

Avatar: A Bender's Will Two
A game based off Avatar: The Last Airbender, featuring unique aspects towards progression and play-styles. 

You begin your journey with an element to bend and only the world to guide you. You must learn the ways of bending the world around you to your will. 

Explore the world of Avatar in the sequel to A Bender's Will. 
AwokenTy - Scripting, Skills, Skill Animations, Builder, GUI
EternalProwessKun - Builder, Animator 
artxficial - House Maker
Legend_OfAimbot - 3D Modeler
YpcRito - Faces

Contributors: (Clothing) - Blotnik,ATFN,Takamura, Hazapie


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