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✨ Welcome to Sorcerer Fighting Simulator, where you train in the most prestigious academy of Magic to become the strongest sorcerer ✨

- War Mode : A new Sector that is PvP based with various Team and FFA modes ⚔️
- New Currency: Danias, which can be earned through War Mode 💎
- Converter: Convert Danias into either Push-Ups, Staff Swings, Mana Per Min or Gems ♻️
- 2 New Ranks 📈
- 1 New training zone for each Magic ❗
- 10 Universal Staff Skins
- Mana buff from the store 📈
- Bug fixes 🐛
- Increased multi and universal cap (67M and 100%) 📈

Premium players get: 5% extra training boost + a unique Premium staff skin. 🚀

Group members get: 10% training boost. 🚀

@Marm_Dev (MarmDev): Scripter, Builder, UI, Animator
@EpiDubRBX (EpiDub): Modelling

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