NOTE: Each person in the group gets x1.5 times more coins & exp. F to unlock/lock mouse on PC.

ABOUT: Granny caught you and locked in her house. Look for items in this horror game to escape from the house. Do you love to play scary games with your friends? If yes, the game is especially for you, because:
*team play: 5 people - survivors and 1 person - granny
*Frightening atmosphere and scary sounds
*Play at different levels: House, House chapter two, House chapter three and School
*Escape as soon as possible: each level have a time limit!
*Buy clothes, weapons, masks and more from the store!
*Hide in the vents, but remember that staying there for a long time is harmful
*The game is welcomed on all platforms!

TAGS: Granny, granny scary house, horror-escape game

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