⚠️WARNING⚠️: Memory is a HORROR game that contains LOUD NOISES, FLASHING LIGHTS, and potentially disturbing content.
Please refrain from playing if you believe any of those can affect you in a bad way.

🖱 This is a Point and Click style horror game.
📼 The game is split into four Episodes. Complete an Episode to unlock the next one, as well as the hard mode of that Episode. (Episodes II, III, and IV are currently being worked on.)
👾 Buy Minigame Gamepasses to play arcade-style minigames and to greatly support development.

Death was not forgiving.

⚠️ Graphics level at or above 5 required! ⚠️
🎧 Headphones heavily recommended. 🎧
🎵 Non-Copyright music by REPULSIVE. 🎵

🛠️ This game is being worked on daily. Many new things will come and old things might change. Can be very buggy for a short period of time after each update.


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