if you bought a private server and only have admin in your own server, please message me. i'm trying to get it to work, but there's only one person currently working on it. please be patient, i'll make sure everyone gets what they paid for.

rules bc someone asked for them//
-no admin abusing duh,, (loop killing, destroying builds, etc.)
-don't ban someone without permission.
-don't delete the treehouse pls, if you want to build you can just build around it.
-no one should be ranked headadmin, please contact me if they are.
^ if you do any of these, expect to get banned for a few days 🙇‍♂️

if you cant move, try pressing and unpressing F 👾

game shutdown = update

if you'd like to donate you can buy a private server 💀 (you'll be ranked to admin when you join the server)

note: you should be ranked mod when you join, so you can use a limited amount of admin commands

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