🧪 When unknown parasitic goo entities escape from an underground lab, you must explore, gear up, and fight against those who became furs. 

🌟 Join our group for a 1.25x COIN MULTIPLIER!
🤩 Play and earn more on the weekends with a 1.5x COIN MULTIPLIER! (Stacks with group benefits)

⚠️ Exploiting is PROHIBITED, and will result in a PERMAMENT BAN! There are NO APPEALS. Play nicely. 😇

Controls - 
[CTRL] - Shift lock 
[Z] or "Slide" - Slide
[Q] or "Dash" - Dash
[F] or "Shove" - Shove with melee
[C] and [X] or "Stance" - Change Stance (Crouch, Crawl)



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