Welcome to the RP.

Update Log
- Removed servers teleportation feature
- Added functioning (role-play) items
- Added Moil (badge skin)
- Updated Roger
- Re-added menu & lobby music
- Removed skin creator for TEMPORARY (buggy, unable to use, being re-worked on)
- Bug fixes

- TenuousFlea; Owner
- WondrousNinja, epic_tank, Nullxiety, Derpydervee, A_Chim; Developers
- PianoVampire; Music Composer
- All other APRP/Piggy contributors
- MiniToon, IK3As; Piggy Developers

————- Important Notes ————-
The game has been lawfully approved by the Piggy owner, MiniToon. Permissions of using the assets for this game had been granted. Every respective asset credit goes to the rightful owner.

————- The Reborn Version  ————-

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