Picture by EpiKxMast3r. The extent of UCR control near the North Pole, Outpost Gelido experiences harsh winters and the conditions are brutal. In such a remote location, repair parts are not always available. After an especially brutal blizzard tore a hole in the exterior wall, an engineer craft was dispatched to repair the breach. Suddenly, the ship was blasted out of the sky by a surface-to-air missile. From the central tower, the UCR scouts spied a raiding team. This cold compound was about to heat up.---][---How to raid: Click the flashing button on the pile of barrels to start a bomb timer. The timer is 40 minutes. It will only reset if the bomb timer is turned off for 10 minutes. Defenders should press a different button to deactive the bomb.---][---Built by Holy7Roman7Prince---]


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