I read any feedback sent on the DC server or the report system!

Plan your defenses to protect floppa house from the evil bingus, will you be able to survive? or will you fail and get the house destroyed? 

The game is kind of difficult, so i suggest new players to get into a full team instead of playing solo. 

game is still developing, so there will be def bugs! theres just 1 person writing the game code right now (me), so dont be too harsh, its hard to make a game. 

Shift - Run 
M1/E/Double Touch - Place a tower or Select a tower 
Q - Cancel placement for a tower / Change Tower Target
E - Upgrade Selected Tower
R - Selling Selected Tower
1, 5 - Select a Tower

Shift + P - Free Cam (PC ONLY!!)

The team: 
Ramielz - Lead Dev/Scripter 
DogGood - Icons/Models 
Poly - Lobby Music 
Contributors! for the good ideas like some maps or towers!


There are currently no running experiences.