🎅🏻Update 2🎅🏻:
📝New Tutorial!
🏪New Shop UI!
🦗ALOT of bug fixes! (I mean alot!)

🎄Christmas Update PART 1🎄:
📷7 New Youtuber Codes and Pets!
🐾5 New Christmas Pets!
❄️Christmas Themed Map!
🌌New Rebirth Price!

Please keep in mind the game is only in BETA Testing, and many features are still being worked on by the developer.

🎮Welcome to Slapping Frenzy! Where the world is yours for the slap! Slap anything in your path as you collect Gold, Gems, and tons of different pets. Explore new worlds, and collect new Gloves to slap with. Can you slap them all?🎮

Joining the StarBlasto Games group will give you a [Fan] chat tag in game and give you access to the Auto Hatch (🥚) and Auto Delete (🗑️)!


There are currently no running experiences.