"If one is born as a male, at least once in his life he'll dream of becoming the strongest man alive."

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Q - Dash
G - Rage (LOW HP)
F - Block
W+W / Left Control - Run
Z / X / C / V / B - Abilities

Scripting - SquidyCakez, xXfilipejkXx, GreennJello, Oxwn, wisekingspider, MisterUnsaved, durobility
Art/UI - alecsa, RenShin97
Building/Modeling - moongls, GreennJello, SendoDev
Animations - Reborn, GreennJello, Osakaian, TiredVellx
Contributors - Quoteory, HalWilliams

2x Experience and Yen on weekends!

This game supports all platforms.


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