Note: Just so you are all aware, I am working on a complete overhaul of this game which will introduce many new things! Stay tuned!

According to local popular folklore, something is lurking in the woods. It hides at dawn, but hunts in the dead of night.

Your goal is to group up and survive against the unknown. Be aware of your surroundings. They may be right there to grab you.

Owners: @ragingskull182, @iiJerryRBLX

Most Recent Update:
-New pathfinding system for the creatures! They should now run much better.
-UI Changes

Premium users are awarded a free medkit on spawn!

C or LeftControl to Crouch (B for Xbox)
LeftShift to Sprint (Left Stick for Xbox)

This game utilizes CloneTrooper1019's Realism library:


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