👋Welcome To Tiny Warships:NAVAL™!


💻Recommended Hardware [Equivalent Or Better]: Intel Core i3; NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 1650 4GB; 8GB DDR4 RAM

🛳️Tiny Warships:NAVAL™ Is An Intense Fast Paced Naval Warfare Game! 
⚔️Engage In Epic Naval Combat Battles With Other Players!
💰Earn Credits & Experience To Purchase & Upgrade New Warships & Unlock New Perks To Give You An Edge In Battle!
🚢Choose From 6 Warship Classes, Each With Unique Roles In Naval Engagements!
✈️Fly Naval Aircraft Squadrons From Your Aircraft Carrier & Dominate The Sky!
🔨Customize Your Warship With The Ship Customization Gamepass!

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📝Lead Developer, Builder & Scripter: Builder_Elite
🎨Lead Visual Artist, GFX & Game Logo Designer: Enviety

🛠️Current Version 2.2.0


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