Welcome to a world of Invincible battles!

✨ Updates are for OPTIMIZATION, if any updates are released they will be listed!

✨ Recent Updates:
+ Increased efficiency on Mark 85!
+ SOV is up!

- Go check out the rest!

💀 Don't use all the features on a nano suit at once!

🔥 Upcoming updates:
+ Mark 1 [In progress]
+ Mark 50 model is temporary! There will be a new one!

# Chat Commands:
- Jarvis (Call suit / call [suitname])
- Jarvis Eject
- Jarvis (Explode / self destruct / destroy)
- Jarvis p (off / down)
- Jarvis p (on / up)
- Jarvis Toggle mask

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🕹️ You can find Character Controls in the CONTROLS section In-Game.
🎮 Available on PC, Mobile (First person PVP is recommended), and Console!

TonyTheAllMighty & SteveTheAllMighty: Builder
LoganTheAIIMighty: Scripter

✅ Tags:
Iron Man, Marvel, Fight, PVP, Superheroes, Battlegrounds


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