Well, the shredders aren't exactly that big, although they are bad. But the pit it's in is big, and the shredder's are bad, hence why the name is 'Big Bad Shredder Pit'. The beasts will shred and grind absolutely anything, right down to the last bare part, from a car, to a bus. It features every single vehicle I've made, including one's that are used for everyday public transportation that some of us may take for granted, or the one's I look back and say "What a ridiculous design I made". The pit itself is out in the middle of nowhere, where only pioneers would dare to discover and adrenaline enthusiasts who strive to do anything for a rush will enter. It's all about the thrill of doing an everyday process in the scrapyard, but only this time, will you or will you not push yourself and survive the Big Bad Shredder Pit?

So far, this place contains: Shredders, colour palletes a hydraulic crusher, an incinerator and vertical shredders.

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