⚔️ Welcome to Ninja Blade ⚔️

Hone your skills by defeating mighty ninjas either in PVP or the training arena and gain XP. Earn money with every swing of your blade to buy more powerful weapons. Will you be the Ultimate Ninja?

🥚 Over 100 Pets
⚔️ Fast paced action
⚔️ PVP
🤔 Enemy AI
⏫ Every 10 Levels grants you an extra jump and dash
⚔️ 60 weapons to collect

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Premium player rewards - 1.2x coins, Ninja legend, Ninja, Sword, Blade, fast paced, fighting, RPG, Boss, pets, pvp, pve, effects, unicorn, magma, volcano, mini boss, legendary, epic, dash, jump. 


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