Welcome to H2O Mermaid Testing! This game is inspired by the series H2O: Just Add Water. You can choose to play as a preset character or even create your own character. If you want to see more updates, please like the game to show your support! It means a lot to me. :) 🧜‍♀️

💧 Water: Click on the ocean to form a water bubble, then click again to throw it. Water bubbles can transform humans into mermaids.
🧊 Ice: Click on a water bubble to freeze it. If a frozen water bubble hits a player, it will damage them.
🔥 Fire: Click on a water bubble to boil it. Click on mermaids above water to dry them off.
💚 Jelly: Click on a spot on the ocean to form a jelly platform.
🌊 Dive: Run towards water and jump.

Seagoonia: Swimming animation, faces, dive splash effects, moon pool foam effect, mermaid tops, rock and coral meshes
If you see her in game, make sure to say thank you for all of her contributions to the game!
Mattjarrett64: Cafe music


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