✨ Create the city of your dreams only in Mini Cities! ✨

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Mini Cities is a game that lets players build the greatest city on Roblox. Start from nothing and progress your way into a mega metropolitan. Keep your citizens happy by building towards their needs. Turn your dreams into a reality.

- 🏠 Choose from over 100 unique buildings
- 🎨 Personalize your city with the fully customizable paint tool
- 🗻 Build giant mountains and giant chasms with the terrain tool
- 🚗Watch your citizens interact with their world as they drive to their destinations

⚠️ Warning! ⚠️ Mini Cities is still in beta and may be potentially unstable. Play at your own risk.

⚠️ Warning! ⚠️ Mini Cities is a very large game, and may struggle to run on lower end devices.

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