Make friends with robots!
Project between Entropig and I

Check out the video "Roblox BOT actually has conversations with you..." by Flamingo on YouTube!

This game currently has seven bots:

💚 Lantern: Roblox's first unique chat bot, uses a simple AIML brain
💙 Lamp: A revised version of Lantern's base with more intelligence files
❤️ Markbot: An experimental bot that actually does learn from what people say to it. Pure chaos. Use with caution!
💗 Aurora: (VIP, free with Premium) Our most intelligent conversational bot yet! She's able to offer more contextually relevant and understandable replies than the other bots, while also having the greatest text generation capabilities!

Developed by Wizard Studios
Music created by Entropig, myself, and others
Map built by Entropig


There are currently no running experiences.