NEW: Upgraded the bots' brains + new map design!

Make friends with robots!
Project between Entropig and I

Check out the video "Roblox BOT actually has conversations with you..." by Flamingo on YouTube!

2 NEW BOTS: Added Mario & GLaDOS! And reduced the price of VIP!

List of all chat bots:

💚 Lantern: Roblox's first unique chat bot, uses a simple AIML brain
💙 Lamp: A revised version of Lantern's base with more intelligence files
❤️ Markbot: An experimental bot that actually does learn from what people say to it. Pure chaos. Use with caution!
💗 Aurora: (VIP, free with Premium) Our most intelligent conversational bot yet!

Developed by Wizard Studios
Music created by Entropig, myself, and others
Map built by Entropig

17+ version (same game but more uncensored):


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