Welcome to Waypoint Hotels Quiz Center. Throughout the quiz, you will be tested on a series of general questions. If you have passed, you will be automatically ranked to ‘Trainee’ within the group. If you would like to advance your position further, you may attend one of our posted training sessions at the Waypoint Training Center. 

📌 Remember that you must be in the ‘Waypoint Hotels’ group:!/about

❓Interested in advancing your position after the application? Attend a training:

Training Schedule:
Session 1  :  9 AM EST
Session 2 :  12 PM EST
Session 3 :  3 PM EST
Session 4 :  6 PM EST
Session 5 :  9 PM EST
Session 6 :  12 AM EST

🤵 Want to skip the application process? Feel free to purchase a roleset below:


There are currently no running experiences.