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[🧠M:R], Millennium: Remastered, FAVORITE IT: 
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Q: Dash
W x2: Run
Lbutton: Map
M: Menu
F: Block


Level Cap: 1200
Fruits Spawn: 60 minutes
Devil Fruits: Bomb, Hie, Magu, Pika, Yami, Diamond, Lightning, Mera, Tremor, Zushi, Doku, Ope, BARI BARI
Fighting Styles: Blac Leg and Electro

Islands: (In order) -> Starter -> Windmill -> Buggy -> Jungle -> Desert -> Snow -> Skypeia -> Impel Down -> Colosseum 

👏Shout out to my community, dev team, bug squad, and fairest of them all, God 👏


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