[Don't worry about cp it still receive an update] [when spade pirate release cp will get update]

[maybe if u got the notifier in conquerors piece u will have it in spade pirates]

[CP might get a continued update when spade is done the reason why I making spade pirate cuz a lot of people saying cp is just like gpo bootleg don't worry about cp, it will getting the update but now I have to focus on spade]

Voyage the vast sea overall with danger and exotic , seek the power to conquerer sea

Alright guys if anyone of you found a reduce stats a.k.a stats reversed dm @Mon
And tell how it happen

Logia X2 Every 1000 like

Devil Fruit Spawn Every 1Hrs/30 Min Despawn

Current level cap: 200
Current fruits in the game: Kiro,Fuwa,Bari,Doku,Goro,Mera,Hie,Suke,Suna,Gomu


There are currently no running experiences.