- Thanks you -

Enjoy from TRMT

If you are disappointed with this update, you can teleport to the old version (v1.1) in the Dimension(Menu) section.

You will play as prisoners through time to complete the assigned mission (Join the disscoard server for more information)
Novice(s) and gun(s) stuff is the main focus
The Rake's Mode will be disabled
Permament stuff will be disabled

The Rake Has 50 Modes

/Save to save your stats - make sure it won't lost
;disablefriendlyfire - vote for disable friendlyfire
;enablefriendlyfire - vote for enable friendlyfire
;votekick (playername) to kick the 'ennoyer' out of game
;fixrake to respawn rake

Special thanks to: IDontCareAtAllForDis and Michal4325 (Captain)


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