f to block
e to equip
q for flashstep(must be in shiftlock)
z,x,c(shikai skills)
press p to konso a lost soul when they r near u(SOUL REAPER ONLY) have ur sword out ;p
air combo:
3 left click + right click +left click (in air)
skill air combo:
3 left click+ right click+ basically any skill

flash step combo: 
4 left click+ 1 right click+ flashstep
n- For meditation
m For Stats
As an Aducjha press n to evolve into an arrancar

DISCLAIMER: Game is very early in development. Most things in game are subject to change.
Yakrus- Main Scripter
123imnotm0mo - Scripter
jacobman737 -Main Builder
lazarovip2 - Animator
feeny - Modeler
LightTheProtagonist- Assistant Builder

Game is in early beta. Expect constant updates!


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