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Welcome to Hard Time, 
Red Bar is Health Green Bar is Stamina.
Account has to be at least 30 days to play.

F/ButtonY - Block, E/PadDown - Stomp/Finish, G/PadUp - Carry, C/ButtonB - Crouch, Left Shift/ Top Thumbstick - Run, R/ButtonX - Reload.

Press Left CTRL (PC) / LT (XBOX) to Toggle Shift Lock 

Your Gear Saves on leave if aren't in Combat.
All Melee Weapons deduct Stamina To attack,
Amount varies per Weapon. Fight Smart.

All Game passes are permanent.
Respect And Bounty (Stars) is only gained From Stomping/ 

Cash can be earned around the Map from:
•Registers & ATMS (Click To Rob)
•Off The Ground (Click to Pick Up)
•Robbery's (Example Bank)
•Get a Hit (Visit The Club)
•Working a Job (Example J-Mart, Taxi Job,  Delivery Job)
•Become A Cop (E To Arrest)

Join A Gang in Settings Using a Group ID.!/about


There are currently no running experiences.