Use code "19klikes" for a reward!

Use code "Russo" For a Russo Pet!

😍New Code at 26k likes😍

🖱 Collect Clicks by clicking the GUI at the bottom of your screen
🐶 Spend your clicks on pets, pets boost click earnings 
🔄 Rebirth to boost click gain!
✨ Unlimited Pet Tiers, evolve your pets an unlimited number of times!
🔀 Trading, swap your pets with other users to complete your collection!
🥇 Fight for your position on the leaderboard with other users!

📒 Update Log
- Anime world!
- Added 2 new eggs
- 18 new pets!
- UI Improvements, changed UI around and added a gui to show rebirth amount
- Overhead tags! Earn these by rebirthing a certain amount of times!

💥 Use code "Awesome Pet" for a free AWESOME PET!💥
💥 Use Code "OPPet" For a free OP PET! 💥
💥 Join TGames for +1 pet equip! 💥


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