[Please note this game is in beta, bugs and glitches could appear while playing. Also a good computer / phone is recommended to play, if you play on a low end computer or phone its your own responsibility to experience lag or high ping]

Update log:

Each weekend theres a 2x event, so make sure to join!

Shutdown = Update

UT: Awakened Era is a rpg style game where the idea is to fight each monster (or human) who appears on your way, with huge maps and locations, events, and a style of dungeon mechanics.

Get better items and fight in enigmatic events, fight in the leaderboards and show the underground who is the real ruler of this world.

Get better weapons, clear more dungeons and get better souls, the decision is yours.

--This game uses UTMM Core, credits to them for the original source, this will be changed in a future--

Tags: Undertale, Deltarune, RPG, Dungeon, Dungeons, Monster Mania, UTMM


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