🥚 Egg Hunt: The Challenges Event!
(Not official Roblox Event)

📢 Welcome to Tix Factory Experimental, this is a tycoon styled game with different existing elements and modes!
📢 Reworked Recreation and Factory Layout Update!
👍 Please thumbs up and favorite the game if you enjoy the game!

🎁 Use code: "GRANDPATIX" for a memorial statue

🔸 Rebirths, Recreations, Vehicles and much more! 
🔸 700+ Buttons
🔸 60+ Research items

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📢 Tix Factory Experimental is a 3rd alternative universe part of the Tix Factory Game Series. 
📢 Play the 2nd Universe here: (Soon free to play)

🚨 Tix Factory Tycoon 2 is announced! 

✳️ Created by DevJanick - DevLevii - DevLama - DevsNode - gadget271 - flojo007_fs - 101sh

Latest Update V1.78.02


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