👋 Welcome to Tix Factory Experimental!
In this Tix Factory game you will be able to play removed or canceled ideas or even older versions from the Original Tix Factory Tycoon.

Soon we will add 5 classic rebirths to the game!

👍 Please thumbs up and favorite the game if you enjoy the game!

📢 If you want to play with Reborns and much more content, play the Original Tix Factory Tycoon:

🔸 Currently there's only 1 mode available. We plan to add more modes in the future as well other exciting content.

🔸 The shop, trading, droppers, ... are all based on your selected mode.

βœ”οΈ 182 buttons

📢 Tix Factory Experimental is part of the Tix Factory Game Series. 

✳️ Created by DevJanick & DevLevii

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