Home of the Church of Night.

1. The only time you are allowed to cast on someone is if you are duelling. You may not duel inside the Church whilst the benches are up. 

2. You must address ranks by their proper title (DR+ Priest/Priestess, High Council+ M'Lord/M'Lady) during rituals. 

3. Treat everyone with respect and kindness.

4. During events, keep quiet whilst the host is explaining things. 

5. All members above the rank US+ must wear the uniform in game.

6. Copy and pasting/macros are not allowed. We know if you are doing it and you will be punished accordingly.

7. Exploiting will result in a permanent ban and exile.

8. Trying to find and abuse loopholes in these rules will result in punishment.

9. Only MR+ may stand on the altar. If you touch the altar and are not MR, you will be flung.

10. Killing innocents is not allowed.

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