It's 2050. Nearly all of Earth resides deep underground in conglomerates of labyrinthine tunnels and passageways. The largest district goes by many names, but most call it The Backstreets. 
-Have sound on!
-If you can't fit, use in-game emotes.
-If it's too dark, turn up your brightness.
-There are lots of areas that aren't obvious or are hidden.

Shiguto Member Entry: June 9, 2021
Outstanding RAR Rank: August 15, 2021
RSC Builder II: January 6, 2022
EBR Member: June 9, 2022

ZeezyRed- Walking sounds
Itz_N3p- Scripting help
UGC Creators- In-game NPCs 

Room submissions in chronological order:
ploofish, 71CD, YummyBurger699, JaeThi, AnubisNoir, matusond005, vexmp3, morganator0407, FOUNDlNGFATHERS, limited_effect, Mrletth, Skycakes

This is a cyberpunk RP/showcase game lovingly created by Macaw. 

If you have comments, or want to make a room, message me! 


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