There is a FAKE among us who is going to ruin everything! Can you figure out who it is? Or... maybe it's YOU!

👩โ€🚀 Be a heroic Astronaut, complete your tasks, and catch The Fake!
👽 Be the sneaky Fake, kill the Astronauts, but don't get caught!
🎮 Play with friends in private servers!

NEW STORE + TASKS + CAMS in the jail to spy!!

SABOTAGE! Cut the power to the lights, Cams, and Meeting button! Create chaos and take on groups of astronauts.

Keyboard and mouse or mobile. Tap/click to do your tasks.. or kill an astronaut. Tap to vote off the fake.

Created by XOX Studios, Lyna, and Lenay

โ˜๏ธ Inspired by Among Us
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