Excavation & Fabrication Update!
- New Ship Upgrade System
- New Mining and Crafting System
- New Ships
- Upgraded Interfaces

Explore and discover the expanse of the galaxy with over 200 ships across a huge procedurally generated solar system with fully explorable planets. 
Inspired by the classic game Space Affliction. 

Customize, construct, and command colossal colonies or spawling space stations with a modular building system. 

Coordinate with friends to man massive multicrew spaceships featuring fully detailed interiors ranging from humble shuttles to gargantuan battle ships and aircraft carriers. 

Master physics-based space combat in space fighter jet dogfights or massive warship battles. 

Graphics level 9-10 recommended. 

Private server owners can use commands ('@commands' in chat) and spawn admin ships in their private servers but do not earn any exp. 

This game was originally published in 2017 and has no affiliation with any product with a similar name.


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