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🌙 Werewolf Within is a new take on the 2016 hit game Night of the Werewolf. When the sun sets and the lights go dark, werewolves roam the streets of this Victorian Steampunk town, disguised as townspeople, to wreak havoc on the city. Nobody is safe and everybody is a suspect.

🕵️ TOWNSPERSON: Team up with others and complete your tasks, while jailing potential werewolves, to win!
🐺 WEREWOLF: Kill all townspeople without getting caught. Fake tasks, use sabotages, lie cheat and deny to avoid detection!

R - Report Body
E - Do Task / Use Sewer
F - Kill
Tab - Open Map

🗺️ New Maps & New Tasks
🎮 Custom Private Servers
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🖥 Programmed by InsanelyLuke
🔨 Textures and Models by R_eido
🎵 Music by Exocite
🎨 Art by ImperfectIyPerfect
Inspired by Among Us


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