This game is highly targeted to ages 13+! This game does have content not suitable for ages under 13.

Credit to free model creators.

Notify me if there is any bugs. I won’t respond to your message if I can’t.

It is year 5000. Almost all of ROBLOX’S civilization is gone. In the year 4086 the outbreak known as “The Infestation” has expanded worldwide. However you wake up in a place called “The Afterlife” This place is covered by a thing called the “Danger Zone” The Danger Zone is a very dangerous place where only a monstrosity exists full of dangers. The Danger Zone is the only way out however, if you want to escape from there you have to do everything you can to survive The Danger Zone to see what is out there. The outside world is very dangerous and its up to you to escape.

You lose all of your items when you die, unless if you own the pass.
Game made by XxScottieBoixX. This game is critically in alpha and will be updated.


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