Shut Down = Update
>>>>>Island New, Boss New (AxeHand have drop key)
>>>>Remake Mochi
>>Neft Damage NPC
Welcome to our game. The game is based on a story from a rather popular movie (One Piece). One thing that gives us strength is that the Devil Fruit when eating it will give us a random power in return you will not be able to swim
Max Level: 150
Devil Fruit 30 minutes will spawn once at the tree stumps in the game 
[Devil Fruit]: Mera, Mochi, Spin, Suke 
[Island]: Bandit Island, Buggy Island, Marine Island

Owner: kevinkatok
Admin: AshraFlames,KhanhIsTheCoolest,nvtp05112
Scripter: kevinkatok
Builder: NTP_TheGreatest

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