👋 Welcome to Mega Hide and Seek! 😃 

✨ Players have one minute to explore & hide in a spot on the map before the seeker arrives! ✨ 

🏃‍♂️ Traverse around the map with cannons, slides, teleporters and bounce pads! 😮 

💎 Earn coins & diamonds to unlock powerups to use as a seeker, and various other fun cosmetics! 🤩 

🏆 Unlock amazing rewards for completing quests! 🏆 

👍 Be sure to like and favourite this game for more updates! ⭐ 

🌟VIP server owners unlock access to a server control panel, where you can select the gamemode/map/seeker for free!🌟 

⚡Inspired by Tim7775's Hide and Seek Extreme | Special thanks to: Zeblyno for artwork, s_izzles for the logo, Habywhen & Cedar for spray designs, zapsplat for some SFX & Henry for a few music tracks! ⚡


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