require at least 2 players to play

this is not a finished game

welcome to a hardcore realism zombie game based on l4d2 where the odds favor the infected because i spend hours making them therefore resulting in zombies mainly being the highlight of this game, please leave a like and favorite thanks!

currently there are 3 different maps to play

hats, badges coming soon after i add more zombies

types of zombies so far
common infected (the general bulk of the horde)
boomer (dying launches puke onto nearby humans)
jockey (jump onto humans)
TANK (a lot of hp and muscles)
smoke er (stand still and click on a human to constrict)

bobux is deducted every new round for your load out as a human, press L to check your load out cost

please do not exploit I really dislike perm banning people for their poor decision skills

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