Happy Oofday is a single player oof-themed horror story game, divided into chapters. 🎂🎁 Find endings, collect presents and balloons, purchase shop items, and unlock characters and decorations for your home in each chapter! 🎈👀

⚠️ WARNING: ⚠️
This game is very scary. It contains blood, death, jumpscares, eerie sounds, etc. If you are under 13, or you are not comfortable with horror games, then I highly suggest you do not play this.

● Chapter Ⅰ. House of Blood DEMO is now available for group members!
● See in-game changelog for more detail.

● This is the remaster of the original game from 2018!
● Currently in ALPHA testing, so a lot of features are unavailable until BETA stage!

: 〉 Oof Games 2 production.


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