New gamemode - red light green light!
this game was Originally for me to have fun and to see if i make Arsenal ig i can idk 

🔫 Welcome to Munition! This is game is heavily inspired well copped lol - by Arsenal by ROLVe

💸 Want to spend some of your well-earned coins? Check out our daily shop so you can buy unique cosmetics, and especially getting some rare ones to show-off to other players!

🌟 P for vip panel 

📲 This game provides the best Mobile features out of any other Roblox FPS games, like able to use Motion Controls/Gyroscope to aim, an advanced HUD editor where you can change size and transparency, and mobile only servers! Touch players do not gain any advantage towards aim and hitbox.

Mixed Pitch Emote music was made by`` RexRacer77

Mobile Icons made by Freepik from Flaticon


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