✨ Welcome to Clicking Fantasy! ✨

🖱️ Click to gain clicks!
🗺️ Explore different, majestical worlds!
🐶 Purchase pets with in-game currency to progress further in-game!
🎉 Open chests for amazing rewards!

🌟 Join the group "Sunset Productions!" for in-game rewards! 🌟
🐾 An exclusive Sun Pet🐾
💰 Group Chest 💰
💨 A slight in-game boost 💨

🏅 Make sure to use codes: "RELEASE", "UPDATE8", "RussoTalks" for exclusive, in-game rewards! 🏅

⭐ Follow the game to be notified of new updates! ⭐

🐦 Make sure you follow the developers on Twitter to be notified of new codes, updates, and even more! 🐦

Credits: Interbyte Studios

🔮 Brought to you by "Sunset Productions!" 💥


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