Welcome to Hockey Madness!

Our game was created thanks to the support of Hockey World builders. That's why you may see very similar arenas here. But the core of the game is different. Enjoy the fun on 3v3 server or join the league and show off your skills! Our game offers something special for everyone. Go and check it out!

Happy playing,
game creators

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Scripting > Jermar tynojm, Mahels0n
Building > firefilip22, Mahels0n, ULTORS
Game thumbnail > Radek_RBLX

Some models from: goldenlugia1256, Jasonhockey3, Cale, Iogician, Radek_RBLX, HoldMyLipton, PavolSK

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Inspired by Hockey World created by: Complextic/ Send_Scripts, Iogician.

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Supports: PC💻, Mobile📱, Console🎮 (partially)
HM, 2024


There are currently no running experiences.